About Us

Carved in Stone Founder, Tom Cox has always been interested in history,
ancient languages and thinking out-of-the-box.  After meeting Gloria Farley, a
great pioneer in pre-Columbian American history, it became his passion to attack
“revisionist history” and thus, to discover and interpret the truth from the vast
amount of evidence misinterpreted by historians.

Farley introduced Cox to the works of Joe Mahan and Barry Fell, two other
leaders who unveiled the truth of America’s visitors from the past.  Building on
these Founders’ important works, Cox has taken up the gauntlet to expose those
interested in the true history of the world and our country to show us new
interpretations of ancient evidence based on an open-mind and understanding of
the messages left by these visitors, long ago.

Cox uses his knowledge of old Mediterranean, European and native
American languages, scripts and symbolism to reveal the meaning of the messages
left by pre-Columbian visitors, which make sense based upon the context and
location of the objects left for us to find.

“Like anything you love doing, it thrills me to interpret a site or artifact
which makes sense and no one has understood before”, said Cox in an interview.  
“Occasionally, I get stumped for a while, but most often, after some back-of-the-
brain time, it comes to me.  I am reminded of the answer Daniel Boone gave
when asked if he had ever been lost. ‘No’, was his answer. ‘But I was bewildered
once for 3 days’. As Boone goes, so goes my research at times-bewilderment.”

Cox and family live in the North Georgia Mountains. He travels to speak on
his findings, discover new sites and answer invitations to see discoveries others
have made.   He can be reached directly at tcox@baleplus.com.