Mission Statement & Invitation

  At nearly every “discovered” petroglyph site I have investigated, I have
found claims by some history authority that  ”Indians carved this”.

  Usually, they claim that whoever carved it did so because of some childlike
behavior or some mysterious religious practice.

  However, I and many of my colleagues found that these carvings are much
older than the authorities claim and were most often done with specific purposes:  
Solstice measurement; star charts and navigation; Baal (sun) worship, land claims
and to record celestial and historic events, to mention a few.

  Those who visited the Americas long before Columbus, were much more
aware of earth and celestial sciences and were articulate in written languages.  
However, in the last 30 years, pioneers like Gloria Farley, Dr Barry Fell, Joe
Mahan and a few others, re-visited these sites and began interpreting their ancient
languages, symbols and functions. Many of the “experts” were and still are

  Carvedinstone.us is dedicated to cataloguing theirs and others’
ground-breaking works as a resource for educators, historians, governments,
archaeologists and interpreters in order to learn who these ancient visitors were,
and what they knew, with the goal that we may set the historical record straight
and teach generations the fascinating true history of the Americas.

  The focus of www.carvedinstone.us is the Southeast for now, but as our
community of historians, educators and archaeologists grows along with their
discoveries and interpretations, we will expand our horizons.  Those of us who
have studied, know that the Americas were visited by travelers from every
inhabited continent and the evidence is there to be seen and heard.

  We invite you to join us, to contribute your findings (with full credit,
links and referrals) and build a strong case for history’s truth, so that future
generations may benefit from the ancients’ knowledge and our interpretations.

Contact us to begin a dialogue.

Thomas D. Cox
Carved In Stone.us