Sites & Interpretations

Below is a list of sites and interpretations that have been created to date.
They are listed by site and provide a brief summary of the findings at each site,
with links to the full text.

These interpretations are considered "works in progress".  There is always
more to learn, more to understand.  By sharing this information we hope to
contribute to the larger body of work that is the study of human history in North


The Tugalo Stone, Toccoa, Georgia

   Location: Near Toccoa, Georgia

   Summary Interpretation:

        Star Chart Navigation
        The markings on the Tugalo Stone show a
        clear understanding of star navigation.  The
        use of  "reverse imagery" was a technique
        to transfer instructions from stone map "templates"
        onto leather maps used by early explorers.

        Solstice Measurement          
        The Tugalo Stone, in its original location on the river
        and possibly atop the prominent mound, apparently
        was a Solstice Stone pointing toward the sunrise on
        or about June 21st.

Fort Mountain, Georgia

   Location: Fort Mountain, Georgia

   Summary Interpretation:

        Solstice Measurement
        The objective of the temple facing the summer solstice
        is to set a mark to measure and predict the seasons and
        the celebration of the sun’s positions

Religious Observance
        Fort Mountain was a Baal Temple worship “High Place”
        and simultaneously,  a military garrison located here as
        protection for civilians who came to the area to colonize,
        mine gold and copper, trap fur and trade with other occupants.

The Reinhardt University Rock

   Location: Waleska, Georgia

   Summary Interpretation:

        Star Chart Navigation
        The Reinhardt Rock is a section of a map-making device showing
        the North Georgia night sky.

The Candler Scribe's Tablet

   Location: Atlanta, Georgia

   Summary Interpretation:

        Religious Observance:
        Translation of the inscription on the Candler Scribe's Tablet,
        unearthed in Atlanta, GA, reveals Baal worship